Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


We, or Tichmi Home Tuition Agency  (also known as Tichmi) provide  matching services to parents and students (also known as clients or customers) requesting for the service of a tutor or a tuition teacher by using our automated tuition coordinating system with any middle person or any coordinator. Any service that Tichmi or the assigned tutor provides is subjected to the conditions in the remainder of this document. Anyone who uses Tichmi' services must accept these terms and conditions, and our privacy policy.



For Tutors


Registration Requirements


Registering for a Tichmi account is free. You must be at least 18 years old with a minimum qualification of O-level or diploma and reside in Singapore. Tichmi reserve all rights to reject your application.

All registration has to be entered correctly and no false information


For Tutors / Students or Parents/ Guardians


Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (Do Not Call provisions)

 Starting from January 2014, the Do Not Call (DNC) provisions under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) generally prohibits organisations from sending certain marketing messages (in the form of voice calls, text or fax messages) to Singapore telephone numbers, including mobile, fixed-line, residential and business numbers, registered with the DNC Registry. Personal information includes but is not limited to your name, telephone number, handphone number, email address, home address as well as any information you have provided to Tichmi.sg. With an active tutor account with us, you have automatically given consent to receiving phone calls, text messages or emails from Tichmi or from Tutor or vice versa from student / parents or guardians.

For more information about PDPA, pls check this Link




Tutor Account


You will gain access to your Tichmi account (also known as tutor account) upon completion of the tutor registration process. You shall account for all activities that occur under your account access. Hence, you are responsible for keeping your account and password confidential and for restricting access to your computer. You shall immediately inform Tichmi of any unauthorised access of your Tichmi account. Tichmi reserve the rights to ban or terminate your account at any circumstance. You are not allowed to register again if your tutor account has been terminated.


Tutor Profile


You must submit and maintain an accurate and up-to-date tutor profile about yourself only. We are not and will not be responsible for all the contents that you post, upload, email, transfer or lose in your tutor profile. You shall not post contact details such as contact numbers, email address, website address, into your profile fields description that will become viewable by the public or any site visitor; failure to comply may result in termination of your tutor account. A tutor profile includes necessary information about you such as name, NRIC number, and date of birth, gender, photograph, address, email, contact numbers, occupation, detailed qualifications and relevant experiences as a tuition teacher, area(s) and subject(s) preferences.


Qualifications, Certificates and Identification


The details of your qualifications submitted in your tutor profile must tally with genuine certificates in terms of school, level, title, subjects, grades, year, and so on. Tichmi reserve all rights to demand scanned copies of your original certificates and NRIC for verification purposes. You are expected to be proactive in getting these verifications done by sending scanned copies of your original certificates and NRIC by uploading into your profile immediately after your tutor account is registered. You will have higher chance of being offered a tuition assignment if both verifications are done promptly. You accept that only Tichmi administrative personnel such as managers or administrators will ask for copies of your original certificates and NRIC. Tichmi reserve the right to send copies of your certificates to prospective customers if requested by them. Upon your tuition confirmaton with the customer, a detail PDF profile shall be send to customer. We will handle but shall not be liable for any breach of privacy policy by our customers that may result in your loss. All certificates and identifications will have TICHMI.SG watermark and it shall be regarded as TICHMI property.


Tuition Requests to Tutor


Tuition requests from our customers will be made available to you via emails and Tichmi CMS portal. You shall accept and allow us to send you auto tuition requests notifications at any time. When a tuition request notification is received, you shall response via the same Tichmi portal channel with at least a quote of tuition rate per hour and availability. You need not respond to the tuition request if you are not interested in it. Hesitant response may lower the chance of getting the assignment. Responding to any tuition request does not guarantee that you will be offered a tuition assignment. You may stop receiving tuition requests via emails if you set your tutor account to inactive. We still reserve the right to send any form of requests to any inactive tutor account at any time. To understand further how we manage our tuition requests, just read our frequently asked questions.


Tuition Assignment Offer and Acceptance


After making a quote, you have a chance to receive an offer of a tuition assignment. When receiving an offer via email or Tichmi portal, you can either accept by replying or reject by ignoring. Hesitant reply may lower the chance of getting the assignment. By you accepting the offer, binds you to a 4-week commitment, but does not bind us to this commitment. We and our customers still reserve the right to terminate the tuition assignment at any time.Tutor and Student are recommended to upload an Electronic Signature to bind their mutual agreement


Commitment Requirements


Tutor's refusal to abide to the following requirements shall result in 100% tuition fees forfeited. Upon acceptance of an offer, you are required to commit to the tuition assignment for a minimum of 4 weeks tuition without changing any lesson timing. Any changes in cancellation are recorded in our CMS system and will be strictly monitored by our Tichmi feedback system. Even if you provide an official proof as an excuse to postpone or cancel lesson, this will still be reflected in our records.


First Lesson


The first lesson is very important because it leaves a strong impression of you and the agency. Upon acceptance of the offer, you are not allowed to change the date and time of the first lesson, unless it is initiated by the customer. You are expected to call the customer just one or two days before the first lesson to re-confirm the tuition subject(s) and lesson time. You are required to bring your NRIC and original certificates to the first lesson and show to the clients without request. Failure to attend the first lesson will lead to the termination of your tutor account. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Tichmi Commission


We collect only 40% of tuition fees as commission once the 1st Full Month of lessons completed irrespective of how many lessons agreed between tutor and customer. Tichmi will collect from tutor  the prorated amount by sending an invoice and to be paid via bank transfer or paypal.Tichmi commission shall be reviewed and at times provide coupon / discount to our clients / customers to accomodate the slow economy in singapore.


Cancellation of assignment


You are highly advised not to cancel the assignment until the agreed tuition lessons are completed After the 1st Month commitment, you are free to cancel the assignment. Even though, our opinion is such that a responsible tutor shall commit to the tuition assignment until the end of the student's final exam(s), or at least the mid-year exam(s) if applicable. Hence, your commitment towards the assignment will be monitored till the assignment is terminated or the student's next major exam(s) is/are over, whichever is earlier. In this case, Tichmi have higher expectations for full time tutors. The customer can cancel the assignment at any time. Any repeated bad feedback from students for the same tutor shall be dealt with suspension or total termination.



Common cheating cases such as an attempt to offer customer tuition discount so as they would fake an early assignment cancellation for the sake of lowering the commission levied on you, or include your contact information in your tutor profile which is viewable by public or in your communication with customer within Tichmi website.You will be liable in compensating our losses and your tutor account will be terminated if caught cheating.


Delayed payments

In any case when we collect an amount which you are liable, you must get the payment done within 7 days. Any delay will subject to a $2 fine per week of delay. If the delay is over 6 weeks, Tichmi will consider submitting the case to Small Claims Tribunals.


Tutor Conduct & Customer's Complaints

Penalties will be imposed on tutors who show poor conduct and teaching etiquette. Being unpunctual, having improper dressing, showing poor commitments such as postponing or cancelling lessons, or not concentrating on lesson are common signs of bad conducts. Any complaints or feedbacks received from customer will be recorded and you will be given a chance to comment, explain, or dispute. Vice versa, good ratings and reviews will be given to tutors by customer who show good conduct and professionalism.



For Customers / Students or Parents / Guardians


Quality of Service


Tichmi do not guarantee that the assigned tutor will help improve the student's academic performance; neither will be liable for any poor academic results. You are liable to pay tuition fees for all lessons attended, regardless of how the tutor conducts the lesson. However, we have a feedback/ rating and review system in place to help us identify quality tutors, provided that your requirements are not too stringent. We appreciate your help in providing us accurate feedbacks so as to be fair to yourself, and to the tutors.Same, tutors has the ability to give feedback / ratimgs and reviews to the students too




There is no contract and you may request early termination of the tuition at any time directly with the tutor. However, the tutor, once agreed to take up your tuition assignment, is supposed to complete 4 full weeks of lessons without changing the agreed tuition rate and schedule. After the 4 weeks commitment, the tutor is free to terminate the assignment. Any early termination can be negotiated and discuss directly with the tutor as Tichmi do not have any coordinator and any issue, customer and tutor shall resolve in a proper manner.


Tuition rates and Schedule


The tuition rates offered to you are quoted directly from the tutors. The tuition rates we publish on our website are averages or act as guidance only. Although it serves as a good guide for both customers and tutors, we do not guarantee that all tutors would quote within the range. Upon acceptance of the tutor for your assignment at an agreed tuition rate and schedule, you are always advisable to communicate with tutor if there would be any rates changes. Any rates changes will not affect anything as Tichmi will only collect the commission after all agreed lessons are completed for the 1st 1 month.



Place of Tuition


By default, it is the customer's current residence. Otherwise, you shall indicate a suitable location for proper conduct of lesson. If you wish to do it at the tutor's residence, it is subject to the tutor's approval.

Any location agreed has to be clearly stated in your communication and agreement with the tutor for all future references


Tutor Database


We provide this online database as a free 24/7 on 365 days service to our tutors and customers. Tichmi shall not be liable for your losses, inconvenience due to a service downtime. Tichmi do not guarantee the accuracy of the tutors' information or profile. We appreciate your help to indicate any inaccurate information.


Comparison of Tutors


Tichmi website provides a comparison function where you can submit a list of preferred tutors that you found from our database and compare. Tichmi does not guarantee that you will be assigned your preferred tutor(s) even if you have directly contact or communicate with the tutor. Any agreement has to be confirm and acknowledge by both tutor and customer by our recommended “Digital Signature “





Feedbacks rating and review system shall be implemented for a fair feedback system as student and tutor will give each other reviews and only acceptable by them



Links to External Sites


You may find links to external sites not under our jurisdiction. We put these links in our websites because they may be useful resources to you. Tichmi does not guarantee the availability or uptime of these external sites and shall not be responsible for any damage or loss caused through the use of or reliance on the contents, goods or services available through these sites.


Intellectual Rights


The contents and graphics on this website are protected by copyrights and other form of proprietary rights.


All materials found in this site must not be used or reused by any individual or party outside Tichmi without prior permission.




Visiting and using this site is solely at your own risk. We will not be liable for any damage, loss and inconvenience resulting from usage and access of this site. We do not guarantee that the data, which we send through our emails, website, webhost servers, or any other electronic means, are free of computer viruses or other harmful files.