Tichmi is a trusted online Tutor / Student marketplace that allows anyone to search, compare and liase directly between tutor and student. There are no coordinator to deal with.All communications are within Tichmi and fully automated and can be access 24/7 and 365 days all year round.Tichmi does not send any SMS or Calling to Student / Parents.Any communication shall be done internally in our system without revealing any email or phone number.
We provide tutors and students interaction directly without any middle person. before they agreed the tuition agreement
No. Parents do not have to pay for any commission. Its Totally 100% FREE. We will take only 10% of first month tuition fee and tutor shall take the rest of the 70%. The Balance 20% will be discounted for the Students, Our objective is to help parents to find suitable tutors for free and at their own pace as all communications are directly with the tutor. Your contact details shall only be reveal to tutor once both party has mutual confirmation. As parents, you only need to pay for tuition fees based on the total service hours. Any Discount or Vouchers issued to Students are on Ad Hoc basis.
Each tutor’s information and credentials are verified by Tichmi Administrator personnel before we approve the verification. All Tutors certificate and other credentials such as their photos, IC, testimonial are uploaded and only registered students/ parents can access these. Tutor complete profile with ID proof can only be downloaded in PDF format once both Parents / student and Tutor has make the mutual agreement. Public are not able to view the Tutor details unless they have registered with us.
When a child is enrolled with a Private Tutor, they receive one on one learning opportunities. If you enroll your child in a tuition center setting the tutor’s attention will be divided among each student. A Tuition Center will always missed the opportunity for your child to clarify all misunderstandings and misconceptions as the Class Group usually consist of 6 or more students and there is noway the Tutor can answer all question due to limited tuition time. This will result in them missing valuable point
The full tuition fee will be paid by Cash directly to the tutor once all tuition lesson are completed or you can bank transfer to Tutor account whichever you have agreed . All payment history will be verified and confirm by both tutor and parents once completed.
Tuition fees are paid to the tutor on the first cycle of tuition, upon commencement of the first lesson or upon agreement with the tutor whichever is most convenient The cycle of tuition is typically 4 weeks. If at any time you are unsure of the amount due to the tutor, our Tichmi Personnell will be glad to help you accurately calculate the amount due.
No, the services provided by Tichmi are 100% Free for parents and students. Our agency collects only10% of the first month’s tuition fees from the Tutor { Before any Coupons / Discount applied by either Tutor or Student } . Parents and students only have to pay the normal monthly tuition fee that they have agreed with the Tutor.
Yes we do indeed.We have a Coupon system / Referral / Discount where we can give Discounted Coupon on regular basis and for the First time in Singapore, we have included the Tutor ability to provide Discounted Coupon for their student if he/she wants to. We do not have any Middle person or coordinator, thus we are able to give higher Discounted Offers and Coupons to Both Tutor and Student.
If the tuition is terminated before the full tuition cycle is completed, 50% of the agency's commission will still be levied on the number of completed lessons. For instance, if the tutor has completed 2 lessons only, our Tichmi commission will be based on 50% of the 2 lessons completed.
There are no hidden costs or any registration fees to sign up as a tutor. Its FREE to Join Tichmi and infact we are transparent about our Fees system and huge advantage over other agency as we give better discounted offers to all Tutors / Students
1 lesson/week - 40% of the agency's commission is based on the first 4 lessons' fees 2 lessons/week - 40% of the agency's commission is based on the first 8 lessons' fees. Tutor and student are required to abide to the agreed tuition frequency. If there is any changes to the frequency, please inform Tutor and he/she shall update in the Tuition Module, otherwise tutor will be charged base on the original agreed frequency.
Yes, it will sure do as we will give Badges on their Tutor Profile to indicate they have submitted all their Academic Certificates due to their diligence to upload their certificates online. Rest assured, it can only be seen with TICHMI.SG Watermark to the registered Parents/ student only.
In order to increase the chances , tutor can: (a) Upload all qualifications/certificates if possible (b) Do a good write up of your profile. (c) Reply promptly to any request message from Student (d) Obtain Good Ratings and Reviews from students of previous assignments taken with Tichmi
Tichmi does not have any coordinator or any middle person to provide you with the Tutor contact details Tichmi provides both Tutor and Students / Parents with Feedbacks / Ratings and Reviews system thus avoiding speculation of the Tutors. Tichmi allow the Parents to check and liase with the potential Tutor themselves and not relying on any coordinator experience. Tichmi do not allow any contacts to be reveal until both Tutor and Parents have reach to their agreement with the Digital Signature embedded