Why Us

Tichmi does not have any coordinator or any middle person to provide you with the Tutor contact details

Tichmi provides both Tutor and Students / Parents with Feedbacks / Ratings and Reviews system thus avoiding speculation of the Tutors.

Tichmi allow the Parents to check and liase with the potential Tutor themselves and not relying on any coordinator experience.

Tichmi do not allow any contacts to be reveal until both Tutor and Parents have reach to their agreement with the Digital Signature embedded.

Tichmi regularly provide Discounted Coupons either from Tichmi or from the Tutor themself.

Tichmi does not promote or do marketing or send any SMS or Whatsapp to our Student.or Tutor

Tichmi provides trust for everyone by having our Website SSL Protection for better Data Protection and Security.

Tichmi allow both Tutor and Student to negotiate the Rates by using our Internal Communication Messaging System.

Tichmi will verify all Tutor's ID are verified and orginal and all Academic Qualifications are valid.