Tutor Features


  • Summary Overview of all your Activities and Student request
  • Latest Leads available to be viewed instantly upon login
  • All pending notification are shown at top view for easy reference and reminder.
  • PIE CHART Lead statistic overview
  • Full Side menu for easy navigation of the Tutor Panel


  • Internal messaging system
  • Student or admin can send direct internal messaging

          Subjects Management

  • Select/Edit interested subjects to teach

    Location Management

  • Select/Edit interested locations to teach


    Manage Teaching Type

  • Select/Edit types of Tutoring services that can be rendered
  • Home Tutor types
  • Future development for Online Home Tutoring service

    Tuition Module

  • Complete CMS Tuition Management System
  • Direct communication with Student for accepting and tuition agreement
  • Invoice management system
  • Payment history and tracking
  • Tuition Schedule system
  • Tuition Payment to Admin
  • Student contact details viewable only from Tutor login account
  • Daily Tuition Status
  • Tuition Agreement details history

    Student Leads Package Management

  • List available packages with discount coupon upon availabiliy
  • View subscribed package with bonus points credits


    Leads Management

  • View all student leads post requirement
  • Premium leads post requirement
  • Free leads post requirement

    Student Reviews

  • Ability to checked and approve Student Reviews / feedback of Tutor teaching
  • Both Student and Tutor will have feedback on each other

    Profile Settings

  • Ability to edit profile anytime
  • Set Privacy Limit
  • Change of Password
  • Bank account details entry if required for direct admin payment
  • Profile with Digital Signature
  • Uploading of all tutor certificates
  • ID verfification
  • Profile Picture