Student Features


Post requirement

  • Post requirement anytime without limit
  • Close posted requirement after tutor found.    

Search tutor

  • Lists the tutors with abstract information, the student can send messages,
  • Student can add tutor to his watch list for quick reference
  • Can view his total profile with Google map pointer and comments
  • Able to do fine search with filters

Compare Tutor

  • Compare the Best Tutors with just 1 click
  • Able to send to 3 Best Tutors of your choice with 1 click
  • Save time looking for the Best Tutor of your choice

Messaging system

  • Fully integrated messaging system within Tichmi portal.
  • Communication history for all your Tutors.
  • No personal contact will be shown to Tutor till you confirm .

Tuition Module

  • Complete integrated Tutor / Student CMS
  • Track all your communication and tuition history.

Ratings and Reviews

  • Student can give ratings and reviews of Tutors.
  • Bad Tutors can be easily identified.
  • Track all your reviews for the Tutors before you engage them

Tutors Certification

  • Student can download all Tutors certificate
  • Student able to check if Tutors Identity are real and verified and not scam

Tutors Profile

  • Student can download Tutors profile in PDF format once agreed confirmation
  • Easily keep track of your Tutors offline


  • List Packages
  • View Current subscriptions and bonus points

Tutor Watch List. Can view the list of tutors student added to his watch list for quick reference.

Profile Settings

Reports for subscription history